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Mental Health / Awareness Training

Employers can expect to find, that at any one time, nearly one in six of their workforce can be affected by a mental health condition. It can be difficult to know when ‘stress’ turns into a mental health problem, or when existing mental health problems are made worse by stress at work.

*all figures from Public Health Wales

of work related illness is
reported as Stress

of work related ill health
cases were recorded as
Stress and Anxiety

of all Sick days are due to
ill Mental Health

the cost of ill mental health
to Welsh employers
each year

the average cost to a
small employer in Wales with
50 or less employees

the average cost
per employee in Wales

Courses Available:

Mental Health First Aid

Both Adult and Youth courses are licensed by Training In Mind and Mental Health First Aid Wales, both are 2 day courses to support professionals working with Young People or Adults, and cover comprehensively many Mental Health Disorders and how to support people in crisis including who to signpost professionally to . Also included information and practical support to wellbeing and good practice and self -care preventative activities to maintain positive mental health.


Mental Health Awareness in 3 ½ Hours will cover the most common mental health illnesses and how to support these including who to signpost to for professional support, within this course will include training to improve empathy and understanding of someone in mental health crisis, with wellbeing preventative activities and self care to improve and maintain mental health.


Mental Health Awareness for Managers in 3 ½ Hours will give Team Leaders and managers of people to support to look for the signs and symptoms of the most common mental health disorders and how to support in line with their company policies. Also included are good practice questions to ask and empathic responses and additional support given by professionals and where to find it.


A detailed guide in 3 ½ Hours to explain and support stress management, included are looking for the early warning signs and wellbeing guides and information to help build resilience as a stress beater.
Stress hides undetected and can often be hard to deal with once obvious, having a resilient toolkit will prevent hidden stress forming, this course will give attendees excellent resources to balance life and build happiness driving a positive life.


Personality Disorder awareness will look in detail over 3 ½ hours at 11 common personality disorders, how they will create barriers and how we can support these as professionals, friends, family, learn techniques that will have positive results along with information to build a wellbeing and resilience toolkit that is effective in limiting negative behavior whilst promoting positive changes.


A 2 hour course to equip you with a resilience toolkit that will stop stress from sneaking up on you, learn wellbeing techniques that simply change our thinking to prevent us living our future from our past, all this adds to a new happier you.

To enquire about any of the above courses, please call 01352 759332